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Hiring 29 to Impact Thousands

Attensi is a global leader in gamified 3D simulations for corporate training. Their products offer a new way to achieve real, measurable behavior changes. The method involves a unique combination of gamification and realism, with deep and varied interactivity. This makes training fun and engaging, while also adapting to the individual participant.

Spending hours on candidate assessment, interviewing, and evaluation wasn’t an option for Attensi. That’s why we began our collaboration in November 2016 to help Attensi’s team focus on their products while we handled the entire recruitment process.

Since then, we’ve recruited 29 members of the current Attensi team, ranging from software engineers to product managers and sales and marketing roles.

“First Engineers added their expertise to our process, knowing the salary levels, sourcing techniques and other industry-specific aspects of recruitment. We don’t plan to stop our collaboration anytime soon!” – Anne Lise Waal, CEO, Attensi.

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