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“Flexibility and trust on a daily basis”. Meet Kristine.

We are scaling the most ambitious – both our clients and our own team. Get an insider’s view on the life at First Engineers from a family member who has stepped onto new grounds and succeeded.


Meet Kristine:

Kristine Angeltvedt

Education: Bachelor in HR and Masters Degree in Technology and Innovation

Years at FE: 1,5

Role: Recruitment Consultant/Service Development

Best memory at FE: Right before Christmas we have a tradition of eating Christmas breakfast together. Although I’m the one in charge of organizing this – it’s definitely my favorite day at FE. Meeting up with the whole team early in the morning, lowering the lights, listening to Christmas music, wearing our Christmas jumpers and enjoying great food – what’s not to love about that? <3333


What are your current responsibilities?

As a Recruitment Consultant, I’m in charge of the recruitment process from A-Z. I’ve been working together with one of our biggest clients for the last year – scaling their design team.

As a service designer/developer, I’m leading the development of a digital and automated recruitment platform. This platform is a completely new service, and we have built the service from scratch during the last 6 months.

How does a typical week look like in your role?

It’s hard to describe a typical week for me, as my weeks are highly varied. I love the fact that I get to wear multiple hats at the same time, but I have to admit that it requires a lot of structure 🙂 Normally I split my week into two, one half focused on recruitment and the other half focused on the platform.

How would you describe the development opportunities at FE?

If I were to point out one thing about FE, then it is certainly the development opportunities one gets as an employee here. I’ve been given the chance to develop myself a lot during the last 1,5 year at FE. 6 months ago, I was asked to lead the service development of our recruitment platform, even though I had no experience with this from the past. The learning curve has been really steep, and I’ve been touching upon stuff that I have no clue how to approach or solve. What has motivated me in this development process is the fact that my leaders see my potential, and gives me confidence and support along the way. I’m getting opportunities and responsibilities that I would never get somewhere else. They really believe in you as an employee, and the development opportunities are endless.

How would you describe the culture?

The culture at FE is really unique. We are a great team of young and ambitious people that perform very well together, but also have a great load of fun. We have a culture that makes us look forward to work every day, but also pushes us to deliver our best at all times. We have really built a culture that motivates and keeps us going, although the tempo is high and requires a lot from us.

Could you explain ROWE?

For me, ROWE is equal to flexibility and trust on a daily basis. By focusing on results only, you get the chance to structure and plan your workflow as you’d like. Both leaders and colleagues trust that you know your best way of performing, and when and where to work.

Where do you see FE in a two-year perspective?

I’ve been a part of a huge growth the last 1,5 year, and I know that we will just continue to grow. It’s amazing to see what this company and all of us can accomplish together, and I know that in 2 years time – we will be even bigger, even better and even more ambitious.

How would you recommend working at FE?

You should join us at FE because it’s one of the greatest chances you will ever get. I’m pretty sure that if you want to work with recruitment in Norway, FE is the place to be. We work with some of the biggest and coolest companies in and outside Norway, and you really get the chance to recruit for important positions and scale teams in companies that are truly unique. As a person, you will get the chance to grow and learn. You will take part in a team that gives you courage, strength and motivation every day.

Any advice for new employees?

Show us who you really are from day one. In FE we are personal, not corporate. We are family, not colleagues. We love to spend time together both at work and outside. We want you to show us your personality, and make us laugh with your worst jokes. We want you to be comfortable enough to be the same person at work as you would with friends. We appreciate diversity and the fact that we are all different. We are really looking forward to getting to know you!


If you would like to join Kristine as a Recruitment Consultant, apply here.


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