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Sr. System Architect

Oslo, Norway · Backend Developer


The electrical grid is the largest man-made machine - It spans the globe, providing structure, balance and life to our energy system. It is essential infrastructure to enable a sustainable, green energy future. Heimdall Power is a young Norwegian technology company established in 2016. We offer a rapid transition to fully digitized grid assets through low-cost, easy to install, self-powered sensors that provide input to advanced models and algorithms. Our goals are to use machine learning to predict line faults before they happen, minimize blackouts and improve maintenance efficiency. With better capacity control, energy distribution can be optimized. Heimdall’s technology has the potential to increase average capacity of the grid by more than 25 percent. Heimdall Power is backed by established VCs and industrial partners. This is your chance to be part of an exciting journey towards a sustainable future.

We are searching for a Senior System Architect who wants to both oversee and get your hands dirty with our system. You are a problem solver with a conceptual mindset. You enjoy working in complex systems and have experience with building systems from scratch. As a person you are strategic, self-motivated and independent.


  • Hands-on programming, preferably in the full stack.
  • Design and develop architecture and technical implementation for large sensor data streams.
  • Lead our development team towards reaching our objectives.
  • Develop and communicate the technical roadmap for our system towards both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Segment and design system layers to support containerized and layered application development, including user interface, business functionality, and database access.
  • Bring additional perspectives to testing, optimizing and further developing our system.
  • Always consider the big picture, while mastering the ins and outs of the system.
  • Grow together with the system, ultimately shaping and solidifying your technological expertise and role as System Architect.

Your skills:

  • BSc or MSc within relevant fields.
  • Minimum 3 years experience with developing complex systems and system architecture plans.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in system design, cloud infrastructure and security. Experience from the energy industry or related industries is preferred.
  • Strong programming skills with a desire to write understandable, testable code with an eye towards maintainability.
  • You have an extensive understanding of system implications and business logic.
  • Your preference is to simplify rather than over-engineer solutions.
  • You have an aptitude and drive for scaling and maintaining substantial systems.
  • You have strong fundamentals and understanding of best practices.
  • Experience with cloud based solutions.
  • Demonstrate ability to quickly assimilate to new knowledge

For further information about the role, please contact Malin Haglund on email malin@firstengineers.com or Jørgen Iversen, jorgen@firstengineers.com

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