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Let’s Electrify the Future! Meet Helga

“Zappers” is our definition of our employees. Incredible people bridging ingenuity and business into smart charging systems. Meet Helga, our fantastic Creative Design Manager, and get an insider view on the life as a “Zapper”. We are hiring!

Zaptec in brief: Founded in 2012, in Stavanger. Currently 18 employees, offices in Stavanger, Oslo, Stockholm, and more soon. Zaptec’s unique technology has been seen as a component in succeeding with smart city 3.0, drilling on mars and creating a future which is electric. Today the core focus is offering smart charging solutions.

We met up with the Creative Design Manager at Zaptec, to learn about the life at this “energetic” company. Zaptec is looking for great people to join their mission. Check out how you can “transform” new industries with Zaptec.

Get inspired! Check out our vacancies here.

What’s your role at ZAPTEC?

I hold the position as Creative Design Manager at ZAPTEC, meaning I am involved in marketing decisions for our products and company brand. I am also responsible for the visual design of marketing materials, website and our brand identity. I get to work in new and creative ways to communicate the advanced technology we are developing – to give our customers a better understanding of our products.

What’s a typical month at ZAPTEC?

At ZAPTEC there is a high tempo and a lot is happening every day. We have gone fast into the market for EV charging and there are new challenges and marketing materials being developed every month. My main focus changes, depending on whether there is a product launch or exhibition coming up. For the last few months, I’ve been doing a full review and optimization of our website to focus it to our target groups, creating new content and updating the design for better user experience.

How is the culture at ZAPTEC?

The culture in ZAPTEC is very including and social. There is always a social happening in planning such as bowling, skiing, curling or just a social gathering after work hours. Being a part of the company and growing with it, everyone is very invested in its success. This makes for a lot of fast changes and teamwork between departments.

Amongst all opportunities, why would you recommend ZAPTEC?

I would definitely recommend working at ZAPTEC. It is a unique feeling to be part of a brand-new technology where we try to set the benchmark for the industry. In a new market such as Green Technology, there is a big opportunity to grow with the development of the company and obtain new skills in your area. The learning experience in such an environment is beyond comparison in my opinion.

What is your greatest memory at ZAPTEC?

I have a lot of great memories from our social happenings! They let you get to know your co-workers better and make work more fun. We try to celebrate both big and small milestones and goals in the company and departments, so everyone gets to share the success of each other. This year, we launched our new product ZAPTEC HOME for EV charging at home. We put a lot of effort into making this a successful launch – and it was great!

Want to join Helga in marketing these awesome products?

ZAPTEC is looking for a Marketing Coordinator / Growth Hacker. Apply Here!

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