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Let's Electrify The Future!

Let’s Electrify the Future! Meet Filip

“Zappers” is our definition of our employees. Incredible people bridging ingenuity and business into smart charging systems. Meet Filip, Business Development Manager at Zaptec, and get an insider view on the life at Zaptec.

Zaptec in brief: Founded in 2012, in Stavanger. Currently 18 employees, offices in Stavanger, Oslo, and Stockholm. Zaptec´s unique technology have been seen as a component in succeeding with smart city 3.0, drilling on mars and creating a future which is electric. Today, the core focus is offering smart charging solutions for electrical cars.

We met up with the Business Development Manager at Zaptec, to learn about the life at this “energetic” company. Zaptec are looking for great people to join their mission. Get inspired, and check out how you can “transform” new industries with  Zaptec.

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Meet Filip Nag, a Business Development Manager at ZAPTEC who is moving the industry forward through business innovation, and education.


What’s your role at ZAPTEC?

I am a Business Development Manager. That means that I work in the middle of all departments of the organization to ensure that we deliver exceptional charging solutions to our customers. A lot of my work is related to communicating with our dealers, partners and end customers and then advocate this communication within the company. My goal is to keep marketing, software and hardware development all in line with the market, so we can deliver solutions that accumulate in real sales. That’s why a business developer in ZAPTEC is ultimately evaluated based on growth in sales.

What’s a typical month at ZAPTEC?

There is no such thing as ‘a typical month’ – for me or any other employee in the company. We pride ourselves in always reacting to the market to make sure our solution remains the best charging solution that the end customer can get. The market demands are ever-changing, and so are we. Right now, my focus is on establishing ZAPTEC in Sweden as we see the demand for EV’s in Sweden rising rapidly. A lot of the time goes in building the new foundation for ZAPTEC AB in Sweden with hiring employees, establishing dealers, partners, and communicating with other important stakeholders. However, some of the time has to be allocated to the demand of the Swedish consumer.

How is the culture at ZAPTEC?

I love the culture at ZAPTEC, and actually, I believe that’s a great way of describing the culture here. ”I love ZAPTEC” is something I think all my colleagues will agree on. To be able to make great products that have the potential to change the world is a privilege. Enabling people to continue living their normal lives while doing so and at the same time- while doing a transition to a more sustainable world i something that should be celebrated. However, it can be quite demanding to be at the forefront of new technology and as such the ZAPTEC culture does not suit everyone. Making the world a better place is not easy… That’s why we need dedicated people willing to do the work to reach our global ambition. This is not your typical 9-5 job where you go home and think about something else. ZAPTEC is a lifestyle that at least demands your attention around the clock.

What’s your greatest memory at ZAPTEC?

My greatest memory at Zaptec is somewhat internal and might be hard to understand for others, but I will try. The most significant memory is when we celebrated a fully functional phase balancing system for our chargers. For me, this was the final piece of the puzzle to make our solution revolutionary on a global stage. Our phase balancing is a way to utilize the available power much more efficiently than what was ever possible in legacy charging systems. Also, it’s a patent-pending technology which means that no competitor can claim the same technology.

Just a few months after the successful release, we got to see over the statistics of real usage of the system – and it was mind-blowing. Not only did the technology work, but it worked so well that all our installed charging systems were overdimensioned in terms of available electric capacity. Now, we have 2 years of large datasets on the usage of our chargers, and we see that the need for electricity is often highly overrated. This means that we can provide charging systems all over Europe to customers that previously didn’t believe their electricity setup was sufficient for EV charging.


Want to join Filip and become a vital part of ZAPTEC’s growth?

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