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“Take initiative. Be hungry. Ask.” Meet Palak.

We are scaling the most ambitious – both our clients and our own team. Get an insider’s view on the life at First Engineers from a family member who works her hat off and has fun doing it.


Meet Palak:

Palak Bisen

Education MSc Leadership and Organizational Psychology – BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo

Years at FE 1.5

Role: Recruitment Consultant

Best memory at FE:

My first year celebrating Diwali in the Oslo office, sharing a bit of the culture I grew up in with what has become my family in Oslo and feeling accepted.


What are your current responsibilities?

Complete ownership of recruitment processes – client dialogue, project management, sourcing, screening and psychometric test administration and assessment.

How does a typical week look like in your role?

Busy!  My day (and week) often starts with taking an overview of what the rest of it looks like, what deadlines I have coming up, and putting together a plan for what I need to get done and by when. Projects can often be in different phases, meaning that some require periods of search and screening, while others are more about status meetings and dialogue with clients, or interviews with candidates. With any luck, I’m able to end my week having finished all the tasks and line up action points for the next week. Then it’s time for our weekly Kahoot! with the rest of the team.

How would you describe the development opportunities at FE?

Several, initiative-driven, and steep; there are many different kinds of development opportunities, and the best ones come often to those who show interest or take the first step in that direction. They may often feel like being thrown off the deep end of the pool, but rest assured that this place has what it takes to make you a seasoned expert. And there’s always a lifeguard with a pole standing nearby to help out if it gets too much 🙂

How would you describe the culture?

Work culture – busy! We’re all driven individuals that like to be engaged, and I don’t think any of us would be very happy if we weren’t being productive. Team culture – a bunch of crazy, but welcoming and warm individuals. We know how to have fun, we like to learn from each other, and we contribute and share to each other’s growth.
Could you explain ROWE?

Results Only Work Environment – it’s a principle that is simultaneously liberating as it is a quality control mechanism.  We don’t count hours, we have the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time, as long as we are delivering on our results. ROWE works beautifully to accommodate our individual working styles while keeping us motivated because it ensures we keep our goals in sight.

Where do you see FE in a two-year perspective?

Growing even more! More domains, more locations, more professional expertise brought on board, the most exciting clients. I see FE dominating the Norwegian recruitment landscape, and beginning to take international steps, either in Europe or taking leaps and going to Asia/US.

How would you recommend working at FE?

There isn’t a better environment where you get to be part of and shape this kind of growth and expansion in a company while pushing your own limits as a professional. Your voice is heard, your initiatives implemented.

Also, we do so much fun stuff together! Last year we were in the beautiful city of Krakow for our off-site trip, this year we went to a snowy paradise in the Norwegian mountains. We do weekly Kahoot! quizzes, monthly social gatherings (darts competition next month!) and host an annual mini-golf tournament with our clients.

Any advice for new employees?

Take initiative, both socially and professionally – it is much appreciated around here! Take ownership – we want you to be part of building this company. Be hungry – never settle for how things are. Challenge, and seek to improve our processes and the data and research we base them on.
Ask –  anyone if you’re ever in doubt, there is nothing we want more than for you to succeed so that we can succeed 🙂


If you would like to join Palak as a Recruitment Consultant, apply here.


Other open positions:

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Talent Acquisition Intern

Recruitment Manager

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