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The Place Where Law Meets Tech – Lawbotics.

It’s clear that Lawbotics is on a mission to “disrupt” the legal tech industry – by products and communities. Founded in 2017, Lawbotics has already gotten recognition from Innomag magazine as one of the most innovative companies in Norway. The company has created a community of “legal teachers” with more than 1,100 members, making it one of the world’s largest legal tech communities, and is organizing frequent meetups. In 2018, they organized the first legal hackathon in Norway…

Well, that’s what you can call ‘promising’!

But why should you join Lawbotics? Here’s a snapshot of the life at Lawbotics!

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Open positions at Lawbotics

Alexander Schwantes and Nicholas Leidenfelt

What is your role at Lawbotics?

Nicholas Leidenfelt: I’m the Chief Product Officer in Lawbotics, building world-class products to close the gap between legal know-how and legal need.

Alexander Schwantes: I’m the CTO, yo!

How does your day look like from a day-to-day perspective?

AS: Challenging and exciting. Every day we get to focus on creating a lovable product and sculpting it into something people love to use. We use really fun tech so there is always something new to learn and new services to try out. This is a fast moving sector and we need to stay ahead of the curve.

NL: At a startup, every day is different and that’s why I love it. I work with the commercial aspects of the organization including strategy, pricing, sales, product development, and strategic partnerships.

What problem does Lawbotics solve?

AS: Lexolve by Lawbotics is a tool to make your legal work more efficient and legal knowledge more accessible. Together with our customers, we are closing the gap for legal needs in the market.

How would you describe the culture at Lawbotics?

AS: Relaxed, casual and fun, but with a serious notion that we are here to make a difference. We just moved into our new offices and are in the process of making it our own. Taking the tough decisions like which room shall the Xbox go in or what brand of coffee tastes the best 🙂

NL: Our culture is the combination of all the employees and therefore we believe that everyone in the organization should be seen and have a vote.

What is your best memory at Lawbotics?

NL: My best memory from Lawbotics is from our workation where the whole team went to Beitostølen to work out of office. Going out and doing activities together in the nature sparked the teams creativity while building team continuously.

AS: I love being outside, so this summer boat trip was really fun. Spontaneously, the team decided to go out in the perfect weather. We bought some lunch and had a beautiful sailing trip in the sunset. I had never seen the Oslo view from the sea.

Amongst all opportunities, why would you recommend Lawbotics?

AS: Working with a passionate team of friends in a startup environment with all the excitement it brings. And the mission to change the world for the better. I also strongly believe that we are making a great impact in an industry where there has been very little innovation. We all have seen the success of innovators in conservative industries, and I truly believe Lawbotics has that capacity – making a global impact. You don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity!

NL: If you want to be part of building something new, different, and with impact, this is the workplace for you. We are a highly experienced team with dedicated and ambitious people. We believe in bringing out the best from each other, so if you have a hunger for learning and making a difference – come to Lawbotics and you won’t regret!

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