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We are First Engineers

A new identity – still the same company.

It’s been almost seven years since we established First Engineers in the market. With ambitious minds, a strong interest in psychology and technology, we have been firm in our believes that we can create a global knowledge hub, attracting the greatest talent within tech recruitment.  A competence hub for us is not recruitment in its traditional form. It is constantly staying on top of the latest research within organizational psychology, psychometrics and technology, added with cutting-edge tools. Then translating this into great and value crafting services for our clients.

We like to call this;  “engineering”.

Since 2012 we have consistently focused on offering our services to the digital and analog markets. We have taken part in fueling the pioneers and technology leaders of the 4th industrial revolution with the most important currency of all; humans. Those best engineered for the job. We have done so by applying our scientific and data-driven approach in recruitment, and where typical engineering principles in our process remove bias out of the hiring equation.

We are amazed by the ingenuity and smartness our clients promote, and the technology advancement we have been a part of since 2012. These companies and people are pushing the barriers within AI, machine learning, new energy, platform services, ad-tech, ed-tech, semiconductors and many more. As these represent the forefront of innovation, we play an integral part in their further advancement, and in calculating that perfect fit.

At First Engineers it all boils down to numbers. The subjectiveness is removed. Common to all of our clients, is the encounter between software and hardware – the binary; on or off; null or one; plus or minus. Our new identity is based on the language of the engineers; the binary code. The language is 100 % objective and does not leave anything left for interpretation. This reflects First Engineers data-driven recruitment process. It offers us a true vocabulary for our decision making –  enabling us to scale the most ambitious.

If you would like to learn more about life at First Engineers, our amazing clients and employees, discover our new website for more insights.

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